Reno 98 Proceedings

Table of contents


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Current Meter Method - Session 1

  • Effect of the Trash Racks on Discharge Measurement in a Low Head Power Plant
    Gilles Proulx and Nicolas Caron, Hydro-Quebec, Montreal, Canada
  • Flow Measurement at Dr. Gabriel Terra Power Station using Current Meter Method
    Paul R. Thackray Merz and McLellan Consulting Engineers, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; Fernando Alcarraz and Bernardo Ravezzani, UTE, Montevideo, Uruguay

Acoustic Method - Session 2

  • A Multi-path Acoustic Flowmeter Tested in Penstocks with Velocity Distribution Disturbances
    Gianalberto Grego and Vito Rossi, ENEL, S.p.A., Venezia, Italy
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  • Comparison of Turbine Discharge Measured by Current Meters and Acoustic Scintillation Flowmeters at LaForge-2 Power Plant
    David Lemon and Ward Cartier, ASL Environmental Sciences, Sidney, BC , Canada, Nicloas Caron and Gilles Proulx Hydro-Quebec, Montreal ,Quebec, Canada
  • Acoustic Flowmeters in Circular Pipes: Acoustic Transducer and Conduit Protrusion Effects in Discharge Measurement
    Francis Lowell and Jim Walsh Accusonic Technologies, Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA; Steven Schaefer, Metropolitan Water District Southern California, California, USA
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Thermodynamic - Session 3

  • Loss Analysis And Measuring Uncertainties of the Thermodynamic Method for Different Turbine Types
    Hermod Brekke, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; Ole B. Dahlhaug, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway
  • A Discussion on the Influence of Turbulent Kinetic Energy on Hydraulic Efficiency Measurement
    Ole B. Dahlhaug, Terje B. Siverstsen, Harald Hulass, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway; Hermond Brekke, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Analysis Uncertainties in the Thermodynamic Method of Testing Hydraulic Turbines
    Robert F. Karlicek, Enkar, Fullerton, California, USA
  • Caption of Dynamic Temperature for the Thermodynamic Method
    Jean-Marc Levesque, IdroVision, Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada

Acoustic Method - Session 4

  • Efficiency Measurements on Pelton Turbines with Thermodynamic and Acoustic Methods; Comparison with Model Test Results
    Fabio Fausto Muciaccia, Voith Riva Hydro S.p.A., Milan, Italy
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  • An Averaging Procedure for Discharge Measurement in Low Frequency, High Amplitude Fluctuations
    Thomas Staubli, Zentralschweizerisches Technikum Luzern Switzerland, Alexander Voser Institut fur Energietechnik Switzerland
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  • Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Acoustic Velocity Meters
    Tracy Vermeyen, US Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Integration Error in Multipath Acoustic Discharge Measurement in Closed Conduits
    Alexander Voser, Institut fur Energietechnik, Switzerland andThomas Staubli Zentralschweizerisches Technikum Luzern Switzerland
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Miscellaneous - Session 5

  • Turbine Dischrge Monitoring Based on Net Head and Gide Vane Position
    Viliam Biela, HARZA Engineering Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA; Felix Borges Guri, CVG EDELCA, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Influence of the Upstream Disturbances on Discharge Measurements
    Gilles Proulx, Hydro-Quebec, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Modern Errors in Winter - Kennedy Piezometers
    Lee H. Sheldon, Kleinschmidt Associates, Pittsfield, Maine, USA

Thermodynamic - Session 6

  • Thermodynamic Method: Error Calculating Examples
    Henri Mesplou, Electricitie De France, Grenoble Cedex, France
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  • Thermodynamic Method: Comparison of the Sea-Bird and PT-100 Temperature Probes
    Emmanuel Paquet, Electricitie De France, Grenoble Cedex, France
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  • Thermodynamic/Conventional Tests on 2- 4MW Pumps
    Maurice Yates, Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems LTD., Devon, Uk
  • Thermodynamic Testing at Toro 1 Power Plant
    Leopoldo Millan and Daniel Rodriguez, IMPSA, Argentina; Jean Marc Levesque, IdroVison, Greenfield Park, Quebec,Canada