Montreal 1996


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  3. H. Baur - Current Meter Bus
  4. K. Alming and E. Bøkko - A Comparision of the Thermodynamic Method at the Beginning and at Present
  5. V. Biela and A. E. Marquez Santos - Installation of 4 and 8-Path Acoustic Flow Meters in Guri Hydroelectric Power Plant
  6. O. G. Dahlhaug and H. Brekke - Energy distribution at the Draft Tube Outlet
  7. G. Buffet - First Experiences with Sea-Bird Sensors
  8. N. Caron - Current-Meter Method and Profile Exploration at Brisay Power Plant
  9. B. Chaix - The Annular Effect during a Pressure Time Measurement
  10. D. Courteau, G. Jossinet ,N. Picard and JL. Rousset - A Numerical Modelling Flow Tool for Hydroelectric Power Stations Flowmeters
  11. P. De Courval - Nécessité de données fiables pour les études de réfection de petites centrales
  12. E. Desbiens - Chelsea Power Station Performance Tests
  13. K. D. Gawne and J. C. Doering - Developing an Acoustic Method of Turbine Calibration
  14. G. Grego - Comparative Flowrate Measurements at the Caneva Generating Plant Unit 2
  15. P. D. Hans and J. C. Doering - A Comparison of Discharge Calculation Methods
  16. N. Larson, A. M. Pederson - Temperature Measurements in Flowing Water: Viscous Heating of Sensor Tips
  17. R. F. Karlicek - Test Equipment and Results from 25 Hydraulic Turbine Tests using the Thermodinamic Method
  18. V. Kercan, V. Djelic, T. Rus and V. Vuljanic - Experience with Kaplan Turbine Efficiency Measurements - Current-Meters and/or Index Test Flow Measurement
  19. K. Abdulsamad - The Efficiency Measuremet at Kalan Power Plant: Results and Ideas
  20. D. D. Lemon and P. W. W. Bell - Measuring Hydraulic Turbine Discharge with the Acoustic Scintillation Flowmeter
  21. J.-M. Lévesque and J. Néron - Laforge-1 Comparative Test
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  23. W. Mayr - 20 Years Experience with the Thermodynamic Method
  24. F. F. Muciaccia and M. Rosnati - Recent Applications and Problems of the Pressure Time Method
  25. ---
  26. T. Pettersen - Scale Effects in Hydraulic Turbines: Status and further approac
  27. ---
  28. G. Proulx and J.-M Lévesque - Flow Angle Measurement with Current Meters at the La Grande-1 Power Plant
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  30. K. Sugishita, A. Sakurai, H, Tanaka and T. Suzuki - Evaluation of Error of Acoustic Method and its Verification by Comparative Field Tests
  31. F. Théoret - Remplacement de Roues Turbine
  32. ---
  33. ---
  34. L. Vinnogg - Thermodynamic Efficiency Measurements: The energy distribution in the boundary layer at the turbine inlet
  35. A. Voser - CFD- Calculation of the Protrusion Effect and Impact on the Acoustic Discharge Measurement Accurancy
  36. G. Westermann - Balanced Discharge Method of Flow Measurement
  37. ---
  38. Pump Centre Report 695/27 - Draft - For Comment
  39. Histoire du Group "ICMG" : Naissance du Group "IGHEM"