Welcome to the Homepage of IGHEM

the International Group for Hydraulic Efficiency Measurement!

IGHEM is an independent group of people involved in hydraulic power plant efficiency measurements.


The association is open to qualified individuals interested in measuring those hydraulic parameters used to determine the efficiency of hydraulic machinery. Members are expected to contribute actively to the biennial conferences of IGHEM with discussions, presentations or posters. They should be willing to exchange openly information and experience.




Aims of the group

IGHEM deals with all pressure, flow and efficiency measurements necessary to determine the energetic performance of hydraulic machines on site, such as flow rate, head, specific energy, head loss etc. It supports specialists through

  • A networking platform on which to exchange knowledge and know-how
  • Improvement of measuring accuracy (especially for refurbishment projects)
  • Technical support of standardization groups (e.g. IEC, ISO, and CENELEC)


The group was formed by a merger of the former International Current Meter Group (ICMG) and le Groupe des Practiciens de la Méthode Thermodynamique (GPMT). IGHEM was founded by members of the ICMG- and GPMT-groups in Zürich, January 31, 1995.