Toronto 2002


  1. C. Deschênes, R. Fraser and J.-P. Fau - New Trends in Turbine Modelling and New Ways of Partnership
  2. G. Westermann and M. Morgenroth - Cost/Benefit Considerations in the Field Performance Testing of Small Turbines
  3. A. F. Mikhail and R. J. Knowlton - Performance Testing of The Robert Moses NIagara Power Plant and Sir Adam Beck Generating Stadion
  4. W. R. Ormerod - Pressure Calibration; Factors that you can't ignore
  5. J. R. Marko and D. D. Lemon - Negative Bias in ASFM Discharge Measurements in Short Intakes -Transducer Spacing
  6. T. Staubli and S. Baumann - Comparative Measurements of Velocity Distributions with Acoustic Methods
  7. M. Cyrenne - Flow Measurement Using the Dye Dilution Technique
  8. S. Baumann and H.-P. Vaterlaus - Applications of Multipath Ultrasonic Flowmeters: Hot-Tapping and Rectangular, Tapered Conduits
  9. A. F. Mikhai - A Sample of Uncertaintiy Analysis on Field Performance Test
  10. P. Varadinek - The Benefit of Index Tests in the Production Environment