Lucerne 2004


  1. H.K. Verma, Arun Kumar - Instrument Networking for Efficiency Measurement in small Hydro Power Stations
  2. J. Brandt, J. Doering, P.Eng. - Towards an Improved Model for Predicting Hydraulic Turbine Efficiency
  3. J. T. Walsh - A Report of Acoustic Transit Time Accuracy Field Work Performed In North America
  4. N. Caron, F. Arzola - Performance Measurements of Refurbished Turbines of 770,000 kW at Guri Hydroelectric complex
  5. E. Orsi, U. Sanfilippo - Uncertainty in Experimental Evaluation of Chezystrickler-Manning and Colebrook-White Roughness Coefficients in Circular Pipes
  6. T. Staubli, H. P. Hauser - Flow Visualization - A Diagnosis Tool for Pelton Turbines
  7. G. Grego, F. F. Muciaccia - Comparision Between Self-Component and Standard Propellers in Current Meter Discharge Measurement
  8. A. Felder, H. Neyer - Discharge Measurement with OTT Can-Bus-Current-Meter at Hydro Power Station Limmritz
  9. S. Baumann - Discussion of Installation Methods and Errors of Multipath Acoustic Discharge
    Measurements in Closed Conduits
  10. T. Strunz, A. Wiest, A. Fleury, T. Fröhlich - Influence of Turbulence on Ultrasonic Flow Measurements
  11. P. Gruber, R. Lottenbach, T. Tresch - Diagnosis of the Acoustic Discharge Measurement on the Basis of Temperature Monitoring
  12. E. BØkko, H. Hulaas - Comperative Thermodynamic Efficiency Measurements Using PT-100 Sensors and "Seabird 38"
  13. G. Grego, F. F. Muciaccia - Energy Distribution Analysis in a Low Head Francis Turbine During Thermodynamic Efficiency Measurements
  14. A. Nichtawitz, P. Grafenberger, J. Tormann, R. Gaisbauer - Discussion on Acoustic Flow Measurement Method
  15. M. Teufel - Ultra Sonic Flow Rate Measurements in Large Pipes and open Channels
  16. A. Araee, S. Najme - Acoustic scintillation Flow meter
  17. D.D. Lemon, L. Bouhadji, J. Jiang, D. Topham - Applying CFD Analysis to Predicting ASFM Bias in Low Head Intakes with Difficult Hydraulic Conditions
  18. G. Proulx, E. Cloutier - Comparison of Discharge Measurement by Current Meter ans Acoustic Scintillation Methods at La Grande-1
  19. T. Tresch, P. Gruber, T. Staubli - Use of the Hilbert Transform for Robustness Improvement of the Acoustic Transit Time Discharge Measurement Method
  20. T. Tresch, P. Gruber, T. Staubli - Uncertainty Analysis of the Acoustic Method with Respect to Absolute Travel Time and Time Difference Determination