Portland 2006


  1. ASME PTC 18-200X - New Directions
  2. Jae Hyeok Hwang, Eung Tae Kim, Jang Won Park - A Study of Cases of Efficiency, Improvements through Efficiency Testing
  3. Zdenek Cepa - Calculation of the steady state discharge in a generally arranged pipeline system by the method of characteristics
  4. Dave Hulse, Guy Miller, Jim Walsh - Comparing Integration Uncertainty of an 8 and 18-Path Flowmeter at Grand Coulee Dam
  5. Ole G. Dahlhaug, Torbjørn K. Nielsen, Bård Brandåstrø, Håkon H. Francke, Erik J. Wiborg, Harald Hulaas - Comparison between pressure-time and thermodynamic efficiency measurements on a low head turbine
  6. Thomas Tresch, Peter Gruber, Thomas Staubli - Comparison of Integration Methods for Multipath Acoustic Discharge Measurement
  7. S.V.Pandey, Mukesh Mangla, Nitin Khodre - Measurement of Discharge by Pressure-Time Method for Field Acceptance Test of Hydro Turbine and Comparison with Model Test Results
  8. By Albert F. Mikhail, Hans J. Schafflützel, José Garcia Lapouble - Performance Testing Experience at Mantaro Power Plant - Perú
  9. D. D. Lemon - Recent Advances in Resolving Bias in Discharge Measurement by Acoustic Scintillation
  10. Thomas Staubli, Bruno Lüscher, Peter Gruber - Sensitivity of the acoustic discharge measurement on silt content
  11. Malcolm Robertson - Stable temperature probes for hydraulic efficiency measurements
  12. Rudolf Faast, Michael Kundt, Werner Mayr- Thermodynamic Efficiency Measurement - Method of Partial Expansion and Direct Method
  13. Harald Hulaas, Ole G. Dahlhaug - Uncertainty analysis of Pressure-Time measurements
  14. Sebastian Muntean, Liviu Eugen Anton, Alexandru Baya, Viorel Campian, Daniel Balint, Romeo Susan-Resiga - Validation of numerical Results with In-situ Measurements for Kaplan Turbine
  15. Adam Adamkowski, Waldemar Janicki, Janusz Kubiak, Gustavo Urquiza, Fernando Sierra, Jose M. Fernández D.- Water Turbine Efficiency Measurements using the Gibson Method based on special Instrumentation installed inside Pipelines