Kempten 2000


  1. F. F. Muciaccia and R. B. Walter- Evaluation of the Benefits of Turbine Refurbishment by means of Index Test Method Reliability of Results and Problems in Application
  2. M. A. Yates - The Innovative Financing of a Pumping Cost Reduction Program in the Water Industrie
  3. R. Slota - Integrated System for Hydrometric Data Processing and Discharge Calculation in Open Channels and Closed Conduits
  4. T. Staubli - Flow Field Upstream of a Trash Rack Measured with an Acoustic Doppler Probe
  5. ---
  6. ---
  7. S. Graf - Precision on Hydrometric Measuring Instruments
  8. H. Hulaas, T. Bryhni and O. G. Dahlhaug - Multipoint Thermodynmaic Measurements - A Statistical Approach to Uncertainty Levels
  9. T. Ruz and V. Djelic - Absolute Flow Measurement on HPP Ozbalt using 320 Current-Meters simultaneously
  10. G. Grego - Comparison od Discharge Measurements in Penstocks using Current Meters to Test Machinery Efficiency in Generation and Pumping Conditions
  11. A. F. Mikhail and R. J. Knowlton - Performance Testing of the St. Lawrence Power Project using Current Meters
  12. Voith Hydro - Kapichira Project: Discharge Measurement with CAN-Bus Current-Meters
  13. ---
  14. W. Schitter and W. Mayr - Thermodynamic Efficiency Measurement on a Pelton turbine before and after Rehabilitation
  15. E. Bøkko, E. Nilsen and Leif Vinnogg - Thermodynamic Efficiency Measurements: The uncertainty of efficiency versus the hydraulic head
  16. H. Mesplou - Applied Thermodynamic Method without Drawing off Fluid
  17. H. Mesplou - Pressure Time: Influence of Pressure Sensor and Connecting Tubing
  18. P. Broquet, L. Conti and H.-P. Vaterlaus - Use of total Station Theodolite for the Installation of Ultrasonic Flow-Meters in large Diameter Penstocks
  19. ---
  20. J. T. Walsh and S. D. Spain - Index Test Comparison Using Ultrasonic Flowmeters at Wells Hydroelectric Project
  21. K. Horn, L. Gordon and M. Kaspar - The Acoustic Method