Grenoble, France 2022


  1. Operating experience from intentional transit of fine sediment through hydraulic turbines- P.-Y. Couzon, A.L. Marchand, S. Wellebrouck
  2. Hydro-abrasive erosion on coated Pelton turbines Nine years of measurements and temporary shutdowns of HPP Fieschertal- D. Felix, A. Abgottspon, M. Von Burg, I. Albayrak, T. Staubli, R. M. Boes
  3. ITOT Integration at Jirau Hydropower Plant real-time operational intelligence using the PI System- M. G. Santos1, J. R. C. Milanez, L. O. Prado Jr, J. V. Bernardes Jr, D. S. S. Miranda, T. M. De Abreu, R. E. Julio, P. P. C. Viana, M. O. Da Fonseca, E. C. Bortoni, G. S. Bastos
  4. From on-site performance testing to digital twin performance monitoring. EDF_s experience- Jean Heraud ; Damien Le Goff
  5. Challenges of implementing a reliable and accurate nonintrusive ultrasonic flow measurement on penstocks at largescale hydroelectric power plants- B. Funck , D. Funk
  6. Accuracy of clamp on ultrasonic measurement based on thermodynamic efficiency measurement, a case study- Stefan Leithner, Helmut Benigni And Peter Meusburger
  7. Ultrasonic flow measurement at the Génissiat hydropower plant- G.Pierrefeu / P.Roumieu / K.Delamarre, T.Foggia , E.Recht, N.Boisson
  8. Simplified thermodynamic method- P. Ševcík , L. Rinka
  9. Experience from a thermodynamic efficiency test introducing generator cooling water back into the main discharge- E. Nilsen, H. Hulaas
  10. An Improved Procedure in Efficiency Measurement on Pump-Turbine by Thermodynamic Method- Dengfeng Cao, Ye Zhou, Juan Liu
  11. Gearbox losses measurement- Petr Sevcik
  12. CFD study of a Francis turbine using an industrial approach including a validation with model test results- A. Winkler , L. Neururer
  13. The use of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in Condition Monitoring of Pelton Runners- B. Lötscher , Th. Kraxner , B. Wittwer
  14. Analysis of the Flow Conditions in the Nant de Drance Pumped Storage Plant and their Impact on Acoustic Discharge Measurement- T. Staubli, F. Fahrni
  15. Typical uncertainty analysis of acoustic discharge measurements by multipath flow meters in hydropower applications- P. Gruber
  16. An ASFM Application for Penstock Rupture Detection- Faheem Sadeque, Jan Buermans, Dave Billenness , David Lemon
  17. Ultrasonic flow measurement under dynamic conditions and geometrically unsteady conditions- Montero Ivan, Martinez Lionel, Ioana Cornel , Broyer Leo, Andre François, Djeridi Henda
  18. Study on the extension of acoustic flow metering devices to monitor transient phenomena- D. Nastasiu, A. Digulescu , C. Badina, C. Ioana
  19. Little known impacts on the accuracy of the Gibson method- Petr Sevcik, Vladimír Habán, Daniel Himr
  20. Flow measurement methodology for low head and short intake bulb turbines - Iron Gate 2 case- D. Prodanovic , D. Ivetic , N. Milivojevic , Predrag Vojt
  21. Uncertainty assessment of flow measurements at Iron Gate 2- D. Ivetic , D. Prodanovic , N. Milivojevic , Predrag Vojt
  22. Current-meter flow rate measurement using the moving frame method- N. Gloor, T. Staubli, A. Abgottspon, Y. Cho
  23. Simulations versus in situ measurements analysis for detecting, characterizing and localizing flow perturbations- Montero Ivan , Djeridi Henda , Ioana Cornel , Ballester Jean Louis
  24. Iso-Power cam curve testing for optimal bladeswicket gates law for Kaplan Turbines- J. Cavalier