Milano 2008


  1. IEC - ISO - ASME Contributions to Code Upgrading - Peter Gruber
  2. Optimization of Hydro-Power Plants for Generation -Jim Cook, Jim Walsh
  3. Optimization of Hydro Power Plants: The Effects of General Maintenance and Hydraulic Profiles Rehabilitation -
    Livio Magri, Aldo Cateni, Gianalberto Grego
  4. Optimization of Hydro-Power Plants: A Financial approach in the Green Certificates Framework - Sergio Mazzoleni, Nino Frosio
  5. Using Standard Pumps as Turbines - Eugen Constantin Isasoiu, Diana M. Bucur, Calin M. Ghergu, Nicoleta O. Tiralà
  6. Importance of jet quality on Pelton efficiency and cavitation - Mario Peron, Etienne Parkinson, Lothar Geppert, Thomas Staubli
  7. Operation Characteristic Analysis of a High Head Hydropower Plant - Georgiana Dunca, Mihaela Constantinescu, Eugen C. Isbasoiu
  8. Generator Power Measurements for Turbine Performance Testing at Bureau of Reclamation Powerplants - James DeHaan, David O. Hulse
  9. Union Fenosa Generación’s Field Experience with Acoustic Scintillation Flow Measurement - Jordi Vich Llobet, David D. Lemon, J. Buermans, D. Billenness
  10. Discharge Measurement in Small Hydropower Stations using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler - B.K. Gandhi, H.K. Verma and S.S. Patnaik
  11. The Importance in Intake Structure Design for the Measurement of Hydraulic Efficiency - Dong Sun Sin, Changduk Seo, Jangwon Park
  12. Index Tests of a Francis Unit using the Sliding Gate Method - André Abgottspon, Thomas Staubli
  13. Accuracy Validation of Multiple Path Transit Time Flowmeters - Don Augenstein, Gregor Brown, Jim Walsh
  14. Energy Loss Efficiency measured in Hydraulic Jumps within Sloped Channels - J. Demetriou and D. Dimitriou
  15. Optimizing the Acoustic Discharge Measurement for Rectangular Conduits - Bruno Lüscher, Peter Gruber, Thomas Staubli
  16. Multipath Clamp-On Acoustic Flow Meter - Jürgen Skripalle
  17. Presentation of Optimized Integration Methods and Weighting Corrections for the Acoustic Discharge Measurement - Thomas Tresch, Peter Gruber, Bruno Lüscher, Thomas Staubli
  18. Choice of the Best Position of 4 Path Acoustic Systems in Circular Sections downstream Curves or with Inadequate Straight Pipes and Disturbed Speed Profiles - Gianalberto Grego, Fabio Muciaccia
  19. Improvements in the Dye Dilution Method: Experiences in Italian Power Plants - Alberto Fumagalli, Claudio Orsiers, Fabio Fausto Muciaccia
  20. Flow Rate Measurement using the Pressure-Time Method (Gibson Method) in a Hydropower Plant Curved Penstock - Adam Adamkowski, Waldemar Janicki, Zbigniew Krzemianowski
  21. Experimental Data on the Reliability of Flowmeters for Pressure Pipes - Enrico Orsi, Lazzarin A., Sanfilippo U., Camnasio E.
  22. Optimizing the exploitment of hydraulic resources: Calibration with dye dilution of the flow monitoring system in La Nouva intake - Giampaolo Canestri, Fulvio Perino, Fabio Fausto Muciaccia
  23. Uncertainty of Hydrometrical Methods for Discharge Measurement - Mila Chilikova-Lubomirova
  24. Experimenting with a new Calibration Method for Current Meters - Erica Camnasio, Orsi Enrico
  25. Velocity and Wall Shear Stress Measurements in very small Channels by an Ultrasound Pulsed Velocimeter based Technique - Anna Paraboschi
  26. The A2A investments in improving the efficiency of the High Valtellina hydraulic system - presentation to the visit - Roberto Castellano
  27. Thermodynamic efficiency measurements of Pelton turbines - Experience from investigation of energy / temperature distribution in the discharge canal - Eirik Bøkko, Harald Hulaas, Erik Nilsen, Leif Vinnogg
  28. Efficiency testing in Tai An (Shandong China) PSPP reversible units by means of thermodynamic method - Xie Feng, Thomas Hequet, Hou Weirong, Fabio Fausto Muciaccia
  29. Efficiency testing in Belesar power plant - Jordi Vich Llobet, Antonio Fernandez Seara, Luis Pertierra, Fabio Muciaccia
  30. Efficiency differences of upper and lower injectors and scan of tailrace temperature distributions- Thomas Staubli, André Abgottspon